Your Body is to Die For

and I Long To Be Martyred

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here’s this au i’ve been playing around with, which is kinda dumb but fun to brain storm about; John as a waterbender and Sherlock as a firebender dressed in “aang/korra eras” outfits :>

I like people who have the same headcanons as me about AUs 

waterbending john aw yiss

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Formidable, formidable (Wonderful, wonderful)

Tu étais formidable, (You were wonderful)

j’étais fort minable, (I was so pathetic)

Nous étions formidables, (We were wonderful)

Formidable, (Wonderful)

the song is Formidable by Stromae

i don’t speak french but the translation is taken straight from his video um yeah, this comic wouldn’t leave my head so hopefully it’s not too ooc :>